4th AXIS CNC MILLING (Moriseiki)

Moriseiki CNC Milling

  • X Axis 1200mm
  • Y Axis 600mm
  • Z Axis 600mm
  • Fully integrated 4th Axis

CNC TURNING 550mm x 2000mm B.C.

This machine is ideal for prototype work or precision machining and profiling, with 700mm swing and 2000mm between centres.

CNC TURNING 260mm Dia x 530mm B.C. (Moriseiki) 

  • Turn Diameter 260mm
  • Turn Length 530mm

CNC TURNING 960mm Dia x 3.6M B.C. (Takisawa) 

  • Turn Diameter 960mm
  • Turn Length 3.6 metres
  • B.C. 3.6 metres
  • 2500 RPM Spindle Speed

Hermle C42U

Vertical 5-Axis simultaneous machining centre with 6-station pallet pool.

  • X axis 800 mm.
  • Y axis 800 mm.
  • Z  axis 550 mm.
  • High pressure coolant through spindle 80 bar.
  • BLUM Laser tool measurement and tool breakage control.

5 Axis Machine
Vertical 5-Axis simultaneous machining centre


  • 8.5 B.C.
  • 1200mm swing in the gap
  • 960mm over bed
  • 650mm over carriage

CNC VERTICAL BORER (Dörries Scharmann)

  • Swing Dia 1950mm linear scale
  • Turning Length 1500mm linear scale
  • Table Load 7000kg
Shw Travelling Column Milling Machine
Shw Travelling Column Milling Machine

Travelling Column Milling Machine (SHW Uniforce 6)

Robust, strong & particularly suited for large work pieces. Extremely flexible & precise over long travels, it is also suitable for tool making as well as single item and small batch production in mechanical engineering. The universal milling head of orthogonal design offers up to 64.800 programmable head positions.

Our large CNC milling machine is based in our Melbourne (Australia) workshop. This 5 axis large CNC milling machine now allows us to undertake large fabrication & large CNC machining & turning projects with ease.

  • X axis – 6000mm linear scale
  • Y axis – vertical 2900mm linear scale
  • Z axis – 1500mm linear scale
  • Rotary Table 7000 Kg Capacity
  • Milling head:
    Automatic universal milling head of orthogonal design swivel range offers up to 64.800
    Programmable head positions

Samples of our CNC Turning and Milling work